Katherine Eisenberg is a singer & songwriter from Brooklyn, NY.






“LA Took My Baby Away” [is] darker, broodier taste of what is to come from the young New York-based singer-songwriter. From the lyrics to the way she interprets the song and the underlying instrumental. It all seems a little heavier on the soul and a brilliant turn in creativity for the listener from the previous light-hearted direction of her debut “Nice” EP.
— Sodwee.com
There are just some tracks that you like without them being too complicated or deep. [Real Nice Guy] is one of those simple yet incredibly talent soaked tracks.
— Ear To The Ground Blog
Brooklyn-based songwriter Katherine Eisenberg sounds like someone I would want to hang out in a mall with.
— Yab Yum West Blog
Halfway between a Lily Allen and Molly Rankin of Alvvays, Eisenberg channels bubblegum pop, surfer-rock, and a bit of a folksy twang to mold her unique sound.
— Buffablog